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Concrete Foundation Repair

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Water that collects in your basement walls over time, and persistent moisture in your home or business, degrades the structural integrity of your building. In addition, the mold that flourishes in these conditions can cause additional damage – not only to the building, but also to items such as boxes, cabinets, drapery and furniture that are in close proximity to the moisture and mold.

Healthy Spaces will mitigate your mold and water infiltration issues, and remove damaged items and affected construction. This includes debris removal, interior demolition where necessary, and all the repairs that are necessary to bring your home or business back to a pleasant and healthy space.


Repairing the Damage

At Healthy Spaces, LLC, we have been renovating countless homes in the Rochester, NY area over the past 20+ years. We’ve successfully completed everything from water and mold damage repair, to interior repairs, reconstruction services and basement wall refinishing. We remove everything that’s been damaged by mold or water, including complete trash outs, to help return a building to a clean environment that is more resistant to mold.

Every home or business we visit has the same primary issues, but also the same underlying cause of those issues – inferior water management. Once we clean out the mold and the surrounding areas, and install a water management or drainage system, we can either refinishing your space for you or prep the walls so that you can paint or cover them any way you like.