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Healthy Spaces, LLC is a full-service Mold Mitigation and Basement Waterproofing company serving Rochester, NY and surrounding areas. If you have any concerns and need assistance with the following or related issues, contact us at Healthy Spaces, LLC and we’ll discuss your situation and give you your best options and our recommendations.

Our Process


Identify the Problem

Accurate identification of the problem is the first step to ensuring the issue is resolved thoroughly and efficiently, and in a way that is both cost-effective and helps ensure the problem doesn't return.


Use the Right Equipment

The right tools for the job help ensure that mold spores don't spread throughout your home or business, that the underlying problem is properly resolved and won't resurface, and that any necessary structural repairs are completed to your approval.


Manage the Water

Water damages just about everything it comes into contact with, and creates serious health risks by creating an environment for the cultivation of mold. At Healthy Spaces, we identify the source of your water issues, and install a water management system that stops your mold issues at the source.


Repair the Damage

Water and mold can damage the structure of your home or business, as well as any items within that become contaminated. After mitigating your mold and water issues, Healthy Spaces will remove debris and perform all necessary reconstruction and refinishing services.


Healthy Spaces, LLC

  Phone:   585-755-6332

Healthy Spaces, LLC serves both residential and commercial customers in the the Greater Rochester NY area by identifying and mitigating mold issues, repairing damage that was already done to a structure, and installing drainage and appropriate waterproofing to help keep future issues from arising. If left untreated, mold can cause health issues, structural damage, and increasing financial costs. Give us a call today and we can help return your building to a healthy space.

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