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The Healthy Spaces Story

I’ve been involved in construction since the age of 19, working on projects that ranged from building new homes from the foundation up to helping on construction projects on multi-storied commercial buildings. I learned a lot from my previous employers and colleagues, and in 2006 I decided to create Healthy Spaces, LLC to focus entirely on helping homeowners and business combat water damage and mitigate mold issues.

My background in construction allows me to properly understand, troubleshoot and solve water infiltration

and moisture problems anywhere within a building. I now do everything from basement waterproofing, foundation reconstruction, installation of water drainage systems, attic mold remediation, full interior demolition and reconstruction. I have great pride in my company and the work that we do, and I personally supervise projects and all the work that is being done on your home to ensure that all issues are properly diagnosed and all solutions are successfully implemented.

A lot of the damage caused by flooding is readily apparent to the naked eye. However, unseen water intrusion can cause as much or more damage over time – especially when you are unaware that is happening. The result of a damp environment in a building is mold. And while the damage done by mold to the integrity of your structure can be financially impactful, the primary concern with mold is the health problems associated with its presence. These include respiratory issues and infections, potential for the development of asthma or an increase in asthma attacks, sinus infections, headaches, sore throats, fatigue, allergy symptoms, and more. My company is dedicated to combating mold using techniques that help ensure it doesn’t return: protecting what matters most and returning your home or business back to a healthy space.

Mark Frillici – Owner

The Importance of Certifications

In New York State, you need to be certified to legally assess and mitigate mold in homes and businesses. This requirement is designed to protect the home or building owner, and ensure that a Mold Assessment, Remediation or Abatement Specialist has the appropriate training, knowledge and experience to perform the work they are hired to complete. The law is also meant to prevent fraud by requiring the assessment and remediation on the same property to be performed by two different individuals not employed by the same company.

At Healthy Spaces, you can work directly with us and we will engage one of several Mold Assessors in the area that we recommend. Alternately, you can contract a Mold Assessor on your own and we will work with them and you to best understand the assessment and the available strategies to remedy the situation.